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Industrial Burners

The SP series of gas burners are pre-packaged, fan assisted units designed to fire applications where fresh air is to be heated from ambient temperatures up to plant requirements. The SP can be fitted into air ducts having velocities of 5-30m/sec.


The units consist of an 'in-line PH' type combustion head mounted on a side plate so as to fire parallel to the side plate in direction of air flow. The burners are avilable in 'straight', 'T' and 'X' sections which enable the burner to be constructed to suit the appliance layout.


All air required for combustion is supplied by an integral combustion air fan mounted on the burner head and situated inside the process air duct. Air temperatures up to 40°C can be accepted upstream of the burner. Downstream temperatures of up to 400°C can be accommodated.


The burner systems produce a wide flame spread and a short flame; this feature means the burner is ideal for applications where chamber length is restricted and even heat distribution is required.

The SP burner is simple and safe to operate. All burners are prefired and fully tested before leaving our works.

General information sheet

Typical Applications

-Air Replacement Plants

-Industrial Spray Booths

-Air Handling Plants

-Industrial Dryers

-Ceramic Dryers

-Drying Rooms


The standard SP burner is available in modules starting from 150kW for a 150mm long section. These sections can be combined to allow burner units in excess of 20MW to be constructed


Suitable for operation on Natural gas, LPG and most low calorific value gases

Gas Supply Pressure

Typically 20mbar. Higher inlet gas pressure can be accommodated

Typical Flame Length

At maximum duty = 600mm



Up to 40:1

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